Indian Ocean Exchanges Information Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Nadhra Khan
Hi Nadhra here from Lahore, Pakistan. Its 5pm here. Good to see you on screen.
Vanessa Chen
Hi there, my name is Vanessa Chen. I'm logging in from Cape Town, South Africa. It is 2pm!
Vidhita Raina
Hello! I am a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas and am joining from North Carolina today, 8am here!
Archa Neelakandan Girija
Hi, I am Archa, I am currently in India, it is 5.30 pm here
Hi! I'm Sruthi, from Hyderabad, India. It's 5:30 pm here. Excited for this session!
Michael A Lally
Hi Michael here, currently in Philadelphia. 8am right now. Thank you for organizing and hello all!
Gitanjali Pyndiah
Gitanjali from London/Mauritius Cultural Studies scholar 1 pm
Moumita Dhar
Hello everyone , I'm Moumita Dhar , Curator of Indus Valley Civilization in National Museum New Delhi India. It's evening 5:30 pm . Thank you for arranging this meeting.
Ophira Gamliel
Hi, I am Ophira from Glasgow, it's 13:00 here. I am a lecturer in South Asian Religions, and my expertise is Kerala.
Elisa Huet
Hi everyone . My name is Elisa from Reunion Island.
Dennard D'Souza
Hi this is Dennard from Mumbai, India. 5:30 PM here
Linda Asena
Asena Linda from Nairobi, Kenya
Saba Purkar
Hi Saba from Mumbai, India. Its 5:30 here. Im an archaeologist working for Maritime History Society
Melanie Sindelar
Hi, I'm Melanie and currently based in Vienna as a Researcher and lecturer, and Fieldwork experience on Heritage in the Gulf
Zehra Husain
Hi Zehra from Washington, DC/Karachi. Thank you for arranging this meeting
Meghan Judge
Hello! I am Meghan Judge from Johannesburg, South Africa. Working across eastern Africa and Indian Ocean islands mainly Madagascar. 2pm this side. Looking forward to this meeting
Ruby Marri
Hi everyone, I am Ruby from Pakistan/Liechtenstein. Looking forward to the session!
Durga Kale
Hello all! I am tuning in from Calgary. Its 6am here - a lovely start to my day! :)
Denise-Marie Teece
Greetings from NYU in Abu Dhabi!
axelle toussaint
Hi! Axelle Toussaint from Réunion island!
Peisen Xu
Hello! I
Jennifer Craig
Bon Matin/Good Morning! I'm Jenny Craig from Quebec, Canada. Working on bead cargoes from shipwrecks in the IOW.
Archie Williams
Hello all! Archie from Oxford here, it’s one o’clock in the afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well
Suvitha Pillay
Hello, I am Suvitha from Singapore. Thank you for arranging this session!
Peisen Xu
I'm Peisen from Singapore
Dr Estjer Schmidt
Hallo - greetings from the Centre for Historic Houses of India
Nabila Alibhai
Hi everyone, another Kenyan! Nabila Alibhai - a cultural curator, Founder of inCOMMONS
Dipti Khera
Hello all! Dipti here, joining from New York city!
Kelsey Utne
Good morning from Ithaca, NY! I'm a former public historian, now academic working on commemorastion and disposal of the dead
Noor Iskandar
Hey, Iskandar from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore :)
Marsely Kehoe
I’m Marsely from Michigan - it’s 8am here, and I work on textiles on Dutch ships.
Hanan Syahrazad
Hello! I'm Hanan from Bogor, Indonesia. It's 7pm here :)
Katherine Paul
Katherine Anne Paul from Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama, USA. 7 am here
Anooradha Siddiqi
Good morning! I’m Anooradha, presently in New York. Thanks for this exciting presentation.
Hannah Parsons-Morgan
Hi all from sunny Exeter, UK!
Antonia Behan
Good morning (it’s 8am)! Calling from rainy, cloudy Kingston, Canada.
Divya Kumar-Dumas
Hi its Divya from Washington DC 8 am
Irene Promodh
Good afternoon from Doha, Qatar! I’m Irene from Georgetown Qatar.
Yih-chuen Liao
Warm greetings from 8pm Taipei!
Masum Momaya
Good morning! It’s 7am here in Chicago.
Vivek Gupta
Hello from London! It’s 1pm here.
hiba ali
Link to Dr. Meier’s exhibition?
hiba ali
Thank you!
Prita Meier
Prita Meier
hiba ali
Karibu, nzuri!
khalfan bini
Thank you
Jennifer Craig
What is behind the logo of te Indian Ocean Exchanges?
Erum Hadi
Thank you for this amazing opportunity and presentation.
Erum Hadi
What is the length of the trips?
Katherine Paul
A very exciting program. What role might you see for museum's in this program beyond being the host for the meetings?
Leo Couacaud
Will the project consider the Mascarene islands and European-non-European exchanges?
hiba ali
The references are solely due is we are being seriously considered. Is that right?
Melanie Sindelar
I have a Question regarding the eligibility in Terms of Location - if I'm currently based in Europe, but did my Research and Fieldwork in the (Arabian/Persian) Gulf, and also have professional Networks/contacts there, can I still apply?
Vivek Gupta
I realize this might be difficult at this stage, but can you be more specific about our activities in travel destinations? Do you envision them as symposia?
Vidhita Raina
Thank you for the session! Is it possible to know how many participants might be selected?
Aisha Ali
Thank you for your presentation. Is there opportunity for financial aid?
Vanessa Chen
Thank you for the session Professor Um. My question is: How many students will you be accepted for the program?
Dr Estjer Schmidt
Is 1900 a firm end point? I am looking at a topic that starts in the 17th century and end has an important aspect in the 1930s. Would this latter point in time be eligible?
Divya Kumar-Dumas
I’m very interesting in this program, particularly because of its emphasis on the materiality of Indian Ocean ports. I have been working a ‘port’ that contains important art historical material in south India. This question has to do with dates. Since landscapes are layered and we tend to look for origins in current research, would you be open to a project framing an early port through later sources?
Melanie Sindelar
In Terms of Topics, is there a possibility to work on art / material culture from 1500-1900 as it circulates in today's global art market? Would that be a Topic that's eligible?
Hannah Parsons-Morgan
I would like to ask about the Research Project question in the application: for those who are very close to finishing their Ph.D. should they write about their Ph.D. project or should they write about their next project, perhaps a proposed Postdoctorate, or a mixture of the two?
Panggah Ardiyansyah
Thank you for the presentation. Could you talk more about Indian Ocean art history? How do you define it and its positionality vis-a-vis for example Indian art or Southeast Asian art?
Elisa Pegorin
Thanks a lot for the presentation. 2 questions: 1) Red Sea - or the point between the Red Sea and Indian Ocean - can be considered? 2) I’m based now in Venice (Italy) but I worked on Portuguese Maps of Indian Ocean of 15th century.
hiba ali
The references are solely due if we are being seriously considered. Is that right?
Yih-chuen Liao
Thank you for a great presentation! Do the reference letters have to come from art historians and when do you expect to make a decision about those who are under serious consideration?
hiba ali
Apologies for the typo!
Shaheera Pesnani
Thank you for the presentation. I had a question regarding the professional references that are required. I am a graduate student - expected to graduate in 2021. By professional, do you mean the people we have worked with as a student or as an employee or it can be anybody in a professional/academic setting who knows the applicant well?
Dennard D'Souza
Since the this program is in some sense an interdisciplinary programme could this incorporate histories of religious iconography which could date from the remote past ? Thank you.
Moumita Dhar
Thank you madam , would you mind repeating the time period of this research program dealing with. Thank you.
Vivek Gupta
Thank you that’s super exciting!
Kelsey Utne
Can you say a little more about the appropriate scope for projects?
hiba ali
My question has been answered. Thank you Dr. Meier and Dr. Um. I am an artist and scholar and so looking forward to applying.
Amina Kaskar
How far into the research projects does one need to be (early stage, completed)?
Dipti Khera
Thank you for introducing the ambitious and equitable vision of the Indian Ocean Exchanges! With the collaborative and horizontal aims you have in mind, apart from developing a bibliography together, does this program envision training/ encouraging participants to create public-facing scholarship/ resources--blogpost, podcasts, etc.
Leo Couacaud
Regarding my previous question concerning the Mascarene islands, would you consider relations between hinterland and coastline architecture? Or must the focus be only on the history of coastline architecture? And does one need to already be engaged in art history project to qualify?
Moumita Dhar
thank you ma'am , my question has been answered.
Hannah Parsons-Morgan
Thank you so much, that's so helpful. Thank you for the congratulations as well - I'm very excited to finish but also very excited to continue working on the topic at the next level. This is such an amazing opportunity, thank you to you both for putting the work in to get this project together!
Hannah Parsons-Morgan
Could I also ask when you envisage the project will officially start?
John Guy
This is a wonderful initiative to facilitate regional cooperation and enquiry skills and knowledge sharing. Knowledge flow across the IOW has a Long History. Great beginning. Thank you both .
Anooradha Siddiqi
Thank you for this clear presentation and compelling work! We owe you all a great debt for this scholarly framing of the ocean we all care about, and especially for underscoring generosity as a scholarly value. Given the wide interest in this approach (the many attendees at this meeting!) will you and the selected cohort continue to hold public talks and events that enable this community to continue? Thank you!
hiba ali
Thank you Dr. Um! Such a good presentation.
Nabila Alibhai
*not a question - Thank you for this session. I too am blown away by the profiles and interests of those on this call. This is so exciting. Regardless, hope to bump into some of you one day - art, pluralism and public spaces - contemporary and historic - are a life obsession!
Divya Kumar-Dumas
This program is so forward-thinking. We will all be looking forward to the bibliography that you put together, even if we are not selected to participate. Thank you for making this idea real!
Dipti Khera
Thank you for answering my question in such a substantive manner, indicating that the selected group together will develop the direction you take. I echo many of the comments applauding this project and the principles guiding it’s parameters. An amazing model to learn from…
Durga Kale
Thank you for this presentation and putting together this project! I look forward to the project and the associated aspects of the project. Thank for starting a constructive dialogue on IOW :)
Vera-Simone Schulz
thank you very much for this wonderful introduction session, amazing project!